2012 Exhibitor List:

2012 Exhibitor List
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Fine Mineral & Gem Gallery

Afghan Deen Gems, A314-A316
Agates from Argentina, G101-G102
Altimont Minerals, G201-G202
Amber America, A203-A205
American Fine Mineral Consortium, Gallery M
Annsus -Take a Look, Gallery H
The Arkenstone, Gallery A
Astro Gallery of Gems, Gallery F
Atlas Nour Minerals and Fossils, D6
Aurora Minerals, E7/E8
Bartky Mineral, E4
Steven Bookbinder, F1
Broken Arrow Mining Co., F4
C and I International, C7
Canada Fossils, A3
Chico Silver Finding and Beads, C9/C10
Cornerstone Minerals, B1/C1
Crystal Dawn Gems, B3
Devonian Depot, A1
Diamond K Turquiose, F4
Dinosaurs & More, H3-H3A
Doost Gems & Beads, A4
Earth Energy, E5/E6
Edwards Minerals, Gallery E
Emass Corp, G5/G216-G219/G116-G119
Enside Projects, D4
Eons Uncovered, D2
eShop Mineralien, Gallery G
Forest Corner, A312-A313
Florida Fossils, F6
Gangi Gems, E7/E8
Gem Paradise, A4
Gems Art Studio, D10
Good Beads World, F9/F10
Global Mineral Stones, G3A
Green Mountain Minerals, Gallery O
Hagar’s Fossils and Minerals, F2
Heritage Auctions, B7/B8
Hopkins Opal, G204-G205
Horizon Mineral Lapidary, A121-A125
Hummingbird Minerals, Gallery C
In the Beginning Fossils, H3-H3A
Indiana9 Fossils, D11/E11/F11
Inner Vision Crystals, C5
Intimate Gems, B1/C1
Jentsch, E10
Krishaili Gems, A211-A213
la Porte du Sahara, H4A, H115-H215
Land of Crystals, A2
Larbi Imports, A209-A210
Lieberman Fossils, G203
Lost World Fossils, F5/F6
Madagascar Gemstone, D3
Madagascar Import/SEAM, B4
Malachite and Gems of Africa, A206-A208
Margola Import Corp, B5/B6
Matrix India, , H1A, H101-H104
Mayan Jade Design, G3A
Miner’s Lunchbox, Gallery N
Mineral Movies, Gallery J
Mineralphil Madagascar, H1
Momma Wamma Jewelry Company, A109-A110
Moroccan Minerals and Fossils, Inc., F9
New Age Jade
Nord Fossil, E1
Ocean Dreams, Inc., E3
Ocean Sky Collection, D7
Oceanic Linkways Inc., B9/B10
Opalidia-Bonaroca Jewellery, A114-A115
Oregon Institute, D1, I3-I4
Pakafghan Minerals, A301-A302
Paleo Collections, B2
Pirates de Navajun, D5
Platinum Gems, A307-A308
Rainbow King Solomon’s Mine, D9A
Raj Minerals, C4
Rock and Mineral Supermarket, C2
Rocko Minerals and Jewelry, Inc., F7
Rocksaholics, Gallery K and L
Rockwater Ltd, D9
Rocky Mountain Gems and Minerals, Gallery I
Russell-Zuhl, G2, G107-G207
Saba Star, D6
Safe Collecting Supplies, A111-A113
Sandy Schor & Company, B11
Scott’s Rocks, A303-A306
Shamans Dream, G6
Shannon & Sons Minerals, E10
Sharp Design Studios, E2
Shree Sai Minerals, G103-G104
Spencer Opals, H2
Sterling Silver from Taxco, E9
Still Life Fossils, F3
Stonetrust, Gallery B
Superb Minerals, Gallery D
T&M Stones, F6
Throwin’ Stones, B1/C1
TJ’s Rock and Gemcrafts, G4/G114-115/G214-215
The Tooth Fairy, A201-A202
Toveco, F7
Trans Union Gem & Mineral, Inc., C3
Triebold Paleontology, I1-I2
The Uncarved Block, G1
Underground Crystals, A101-A106
Universal Minerals, H4
Village Silversmith, A5-A6
Well-Arranged Molecules, G105-G106, G206
YG Ethiopian Opal, Minerals, & Gemstone Exporter, A303
Zeder Co. International, D1, C8, I3-I4
Gallery A = The Arkenstone
Gallery B = Stonetrust
Gallery C = Hummingbird Minerals
Gallery D = Superb Minerals
Gallery E = Edwards Minerals
Gallery F = Astro Gallery of Gems
Gallery G = eShop Mineralien
Gallery H = Annsus -Take a Look
Gallery I = Rocky Mountain Gems and Minerals
Gallery J = Mineral Movies
Gallery K = Rocksaholics
Gallery L = Rocksaholics
Gallery M = American Fine Mineral Consortium
Gallery N = Miner’s Lunchbox
Gallery O = Green Mountain Minerals

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