Purchase Tickets

Tickets are fully refundable before the show ends if you cannot attend. Therefore, there is no risk if you buy now — tickets make a great gift!
If you cannot attend your Refund Request should include first & last name, purchase amount and NJ Show Refund in the subject line.


WeekEnd Ticket (Adults only): Good for both Saturday and Sunday. Unlimited reentry all weekend = $20

WeekDay Ticket (Children welcome): Good for all 3 week days. Unlimited reentry during the week = $15

1-Day WeekDay Family Pass: Good for one weekday for 2 adults and up to four children = $25

Children under 5 are free on weekdays. 

We are subject to capacity limits which is why we are allowing children only on weekdays. Remember, due to COVID rules there are no exhibits or child activities this year.

Show Days & Hours

Wed thru Friday: Noon – 8pm Later hours!
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm