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2012 Exhibitor List:

Fine Mineral & Gem Gallery

Afghan Deen Gems, A314-A316
Agates from Argentina, G101-G102
Altimont Minerals, G201-G202
Amber America, A203-A205
American Fine Mineral Consortium, Gallery M
Annsus -Take a Look, Gallery H
The Arkenstone, Gallery A
Astro Gallery of Gems, Gallery F
Atlas Nour Minerals and Fossils, D6
Aurora Minerals, E7/E8
Bartky Mineral, E4
Steven Bookbinder, F1
Broken Arrow Mining Co., F4
C and I International, C7
Canada Fossils, A3
Chico Silver Finding and Beads, C9/C10
Cornerstone Minerals, B1/C1
Crystal Dawn Gems, B3
Devonian Depot, A1
Diamond K Turquiose, F4
Dinosaurs & More, H3-H3A
Doost Gems & Beads, A4
Earth Energy, E5/E6
Edwards Minerals, Gallery E
Emass Corp, G5/G216-G219/G116-G119
Enside Projects, D4
Eons Uncovered, D2
eShop Mineralien, Gallery G
Forest Corner, A312-A313
Florida Fossils, F6
Gangi Gems, E7/E8
Gem Paradise, A4
Gems Art Studio, D10
Good Beads World, F9/F10
Global Mineral Stones, G3A
Green Mountain Minerals, Gallery O
Hagar's Fossils and Minerals, F2
Heritage Auctions, B7/B8
Hopkins Opal, G204-G205
Horizon Mineral Lapidary, A121-A125
Hummingbird Minerals, Gallery C
In the Beginning Fossils, H3-H3A
Indiana9 Fossils, D11/E11/F11
Inner Vision Crystals, C5
Intimate Gems, B1/C1
Jentsch, E10
Krishaili Gems, A211-A213
la Porte du Sahara, H4A, H115-H215
Land of Crystals, A2
Larbi Imports, A209-A210
Lieberman Fossils, G203
Lost World Fossils, F5/F6
Madagascar Gemstone, D3
Madagascar Import/SEAM, B4
Malachite and Gems of Africa, A206-A208
Margola Import Corp, B5/B6
Matrix India, , H1A, H101-H104
Mayan Jade Design, G3A
Miner's Lunchbox, Gallery N
Mineral Movies, Gallery J
Mineralphil Madagascar, H1
Momma Wamma Jewelry Company, A109-A110
Moroccan Minerals and Fossils, Inc., F9
New Age Jade
Nord Fossil, E1
Ocean Dreams, Inc., E3
Ocean Sky Collection, D7
Oceanic Linkways Inc., B9/B10
Opalidia-Bonaroca Jewellery, A114-A115
Oregon Institute, D1, I3-I4
Pakafghan Minerals, A301-A302
Paleo Collections, B2
Pirates de Navajun, D5
Platinum Gems, A307-A308
Rainbow King Solomon's Mine, D9A
Raj Minerals, C4
Rock and Mineral Supermarket, C2
Rocko Minerals and Jewelry, Inc., F7
Rocksaholics, Gallery K and L
Rockwater Ltd, D9
Rocky Mountain Gems and Minerals, Gallery I
Russell-Zuhl, G2, G107-G207
Saba Star, D6
Safe Collecting Supplies, A111-A113
Sandy Schor & Company, B11
Scott's Rocks, A303-A306
Shamans Dream, G6
Shannon & Sons Minerals, E10
Sharp Design Studios, E2
Shree Sai Minerals, G103-G104
Spencer Opals, H2
Sterling Silver from Taxco, E9
Still Life Fossils, F3
Stonetrust, Gallery B
Superb Minerals, Gallery D
T&M Stones, F6
Throwin' Stones, B1/C1
TJ's Rock and Gemcrafts, G4/G114-115/G214-215
The Tooth Fairy, A201-A202
Toveco, F7
Trans Union Gem & Mineral, Inc., C3
Triebold Paleontology, I1-I2
The Uncarved Block, G1
Underground Crystals, A101-A106
Universal Minerals, H4
Village Silversmith, A5-A6
Well-Arranged Molecules, G105-G106, G206
YG Ethiopian Opal, Minerals, & Gemstone Exporter, A303
Zeder Co. International, D1, C8, I3-I4
Gallery A = The Arkenstone
Gallery B = Stonetrust
Gallery C = Hummingbird Minerals
Gallery D = Superb Minerals
Gallery E = Edwards Minerals
Gallery F = Astro Gallery of Gems
Gallery G = eShop Mineralien
Gallery H = Annsus -Take a Look
Gallery I = Rocky Mountain Gems and Minerals
Gallery J = Mineral Movies
Gallery K = Rocksaholics
Gallery L = Rocksaholics
Gallery M = American Fine Mineral Consortium
Gallery N = Miner's Lunchbox
Gallery O = Green Mountain Minerals

The NJ Gem and Mineral Show is Presented by Eons Expos, the same team that brings you the Denver Mineral Show every September and the Tucson 22nd Street Show every February.