Our 2019 special exhibit, located in the Main Ballroom, will be The Scoop on Poop: The Science of What Animals Leave Behind. Fish do it, frogs do it, pythons, eagles, and elephants do it, yet poop is one of those subjects we find difficult to talk about with a straight face. Kids, however, are positively fascinated by it, and we can learn a lot about an animal by examining what it leaves behind. The Florida Museum is currently hosting this exhibit and charges $7.50 admission to see it. At our show it is included free in the ticket price.

Also for 2019, we've moved the dinosaurs (courtesy of Dinosaur Brokers) to the Junior Ballroom. The Dinosaurs Rock Kids Corner will remain near the cafeteria (and restrooms). The ultraviolet mineral exhibit (courtesy of the Franklin Mineral Museum) will return in 2020.

As for the buying opportunities, this huge family-friendly show and sale features common | intermediate | investment grade mineral specimens, fossils, dinosaurs, meteorites, gemstones, artisan jewelry, amber, turquoise, emeralds, beads, findings, gold, silver, crystals, cabochons, science gifts, metaphysical, interior decor, petrified wood, craftsman jewelry boxes, tools, supplies, and so much, MUCH more! Prices are 60% to 90% lower than museum stores, gift shops, and jewelry outlets because this is where they come to buy. We now welcome vendors of all sciences and history to our show and our special exhibits will reflect this wider focus — but at heart this will always be a mineral, fossil, and gem event.

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The NJ Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Show is Presented by Eons Expos, the same team that brings you the Denver Coliseum Show every September and the Tucson 22nd Street Show every January / February.