Our special exhibits alone are worth the price of admission, and they get better every year as we get bigger every year. This huge family-friendly show and sale features fine mineral specimens, fossils, dinosaurs, meteorites, gemstones, artisan jewelry, gold, silver, crystals, metaphysical, interior decor, amber, turquoise, emeralds, beads, petrified wood, craftsman jewelry boxes, tools, supplies, and so much, MUCH more! Prices are 60% to 90% lower than museum stores, gift shops, and jewelry outlets because this is where they come to buy. We now welcome vendors of all sciences and history to our show and our special exhibits will reflect this much wider focus — but at heart this will always be a mineral, fossil, gem, and jewelry event.

Special Exhibits

#1: New! From the Smithsonian Institution, we will feature The Evolving Universe, our finest exhibit yet. Visitors will journey from the here and now of Earth to beyond our galaxy, traveling back through time and out into space.

#2: New! From the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), comes the exquisite 22-panel exhibit Picturing Science

#3: New! Prehistoric Planet will erect a 13' tall Stegodon from the Ice Age.

#4: Glowing ultraviolet minerals in the dimmed Jr. Ballroom presented by the Franklin Mineral Museum. They will also have glowing specimens for sale.

#5: Returning: the massive AMNH's Natural Histories, the Smithsonian's modest The Mask of Lincoln, and dinosaurs including an adult T-rex.

#6: Other surprises will be announced as finalized. Our goal is to expand into all sciences, technology, engineering, medicine, and history. Have a traveling exhibit suggestion? Email Lowell via the 'Contact Us' tab.


Other Cool Stuff

#1: New! Every $10 child admission includes their choice of a faceted 1 - 3 carat cubic zirconia, a natural 2 cm golden pyrite cube ("fools' gold") from Spain, a 50 million year old fossil fish from Wyoming, or a Herkimer diamond!

#2: New! Carl Mehling, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History will authenticate and identify your fossils for free.

#3: Dig for fossils at the PaleoBond booth, sluice for gemstones or crack geodes at the Dinosaurs Rock booth, and test your metal detecting skills at the East Coast Research & Discovery Association booth.

#4: Dinosaurs Rock will create a huge 3,000 square foot fossil display.

#5: A dozen NJ and NY mineral, fossil, and lapidary clubs, as well as the Physics and Geology departments of Rutgers University will keep the kids busy with activities, giveaways, and demonstrations.

#6: A separate 20,000 square foot 'Wholesale Only' area will be open to those with a sales tax / business license.


The NY/NJ Gem and Mineral Show is Presented by Eons Expos, the same team that brings you the Denver Coliseum Show every September and the Tucson 22nd Street Show every January / February.