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2012 Inaugural Show

Our first show was attended by 6,000 visitors and had 115 exhibitors offering minerals, fossils, meteorites, gems, jewelry, gold, silver, opals, petrified wood, and much more. Both the general public and advanced collectors were wowed by the specimens in the 'Fine Mineral and Gem Gallery'. And the $2 million worth of genuine dinosaurs skeletons was not to be missed! We also debuted the 4-ton 'American Woman' sculpture chiseled from a single 21-ton block of Colorado marble. The enthusiastic response from our visitors set the course for a much bigger and better show the following year in 2013. But first we had to move to a larger venue, which was the 150,000 square foot NJ Conference and Exposition Center. For a 2012 show report click the 'Read More' button. Login


2013 Show

A huge success! Thank you for your support. The visitor count was 10,230 (up 70%!) and the booth count was 271. The 'Minerals and Fossils of NY / NJ' show theme was supported by a gigantic exhibit contained within 35 beautiful wall-cases. Both the Franklin Mineral Museum and the Sterling Hill Mine Museum turned the Jr Ballroom into a fantastic ultraviolet mineral room. The Main Ballroom hosted the high-end 'Fine Mineral & Gem Gallery' which showcased $millions worth of fine minerals. On the main floor visitors browsed hundreds of booths of jewelry, gems, gold, minerals, fossils, and dinosaurs. The original dinosaur props from Jurassic Park were a hit, as were the special surprises throughout the show. For a 2013 show report click the 'Read More' button.


2014 Show

We've increased to 340 dealer booths and we'll welcome 14,000 - 16,000 visitors this year to see an even better show. The Franklin Museum and the Sterling Hill Museum will enlarge their popular UV mineral display. You can touch actual rocks from the Moon, Mars, and the asteroid Vesta. See a 12' fossil skeleton of America's largest land carnivore ever: an Entelodont "hell pig". A few steps away will be a $1 million Tyrannosaurus skull. In the Fine Mineral Gallery you'll be dazzled by a $2 million gold exhibit featuring "as dug" gold specimens from around the world. Ogle the world's finest collection of Bundenbach fossils (first time out of Germany). But the undisputed KING of the show is Russell, a genuine adult Tyrannosaurus Rex measuring a whopping 38 feet long and 12 feet high! Login


The NY/NJ Gem and Mineral Show is Presented by Eons Expos, the same brother-sister team that brings you the Denver Coliseum Show every September and the Tucson 22nd Street Show every January / February.